Gedalya - The Book of the Devine

August 14, 2018


Gedalya, does it again with another beautiful symphony on his new EP entitled MAN OF FAITH.


"The Book Of The Devine" again demonstrates Gedalya's incredible ability of storytelling in his music.

You really enter a trance like state and go on a spiritual journey with Gedalya listening to this masterpiece on the EP.


Although "The Book Of The Devine" has a very peaceful instrumental, you truly feel the energy and power that's contained within.


"Man Of Faith" is one of many EPs that the New York artist has released to the public's delight.

His debut album "With Help From Heaven" really sparked Gedalya's music career, following up with "Son Of Israel"

Gedalya has stayed true to himself and has carried his unique and beautiful style with him to this latest EP!


To anyone looking for a fresh, soulful and beautifully orchestrated EP "Man Of Faith" Will not let you down! 



"Life is like music, it must be composed by ear, feeling and instinct, not by rule." - Samuel Butler

Gedalya Sloshay


In Man of Faith, Gedalya connects to his true self as premised upon his discovery of G-D. Gedalya’s expression in this album depicts his art in its purest form. Unconventional in every sense, Gedalya employs his piano, accompanied by his vocals which have been trained over time to tell the story of his life’s journey up until this point.

Many artists in a bid to break out and achieve tremendous success in their music, explore new frontiers and lose track of their true self, however, Gedalya has remained true to himself, taking time and effort to master the skills that positively helped develop his music.

The decision to learn to play the piano at 19 has turned out beautifully today but Gedalya recalls that he had to devote 10-12 hours daily, in order to channel his poetry into music. Gedalya started out as a poet but he has been able to find his real footing with music giving his poetry full expression, and an opportunity for others to get positively inspired by his music.

Gedalya is a force, a passionate and vibrant artist whose art draws heavy inspiration from Billy Joel (who he hopes to open for at Madison Square someday) and Elton John however, Gedalya’s lack of formal music training brings his music forth from a pure heart, without too much refining, which robs music of its substance.

In Come Back To Faith: the lead single of the Man Of Faith album, Gedalya expresses his thoughts and emotions in a soulful rendition of Gedalya’s rich vocals and his keyboard. This single just like the remaining five songs in the album are performed in clear English language, with the intention of touching the heart of all the listeners and bringing them back to the service of G-D.

Gedalya’s previous albums titled: With Help from Heaven and Son of Israel were channels of expression meant to introduce Gedalya to the rest of the world however, in Man of Faith, every word in the album explains Gedalya’s journey through unique compositions as contained in the previous albums.

One clear influence that is heavily noticeable in Gedalya’s music is his huge love for classic rock music. Gedalya hopes that his music especially his latest album: Man of Faith, will connect to many around the world and will warm its way into the hearts and lives of people positively.

The production of Man of Faith began at the Western Wall last year, with many days spent writing the lyrics to these songs at the wall. Craig Levy also contributed significantly to its production and arrangement at the Little Pioneer Studio in New York City, where he contributed significantly to the improvement of Gedalya’s music.

With the imminent release of Man Of Faith, Gedalya first single off the album titled Come Back To Faith, offers music lovers a clear insight into Gedalya unique compositions, clear sound and urgent call to faith.


Man Of Faith: The Upcoming New EP From Gedalya

Starting with The Thunder, Gedalya Sloshay has gradually been sharing more and more of his unique compositions with the world. His debut album With Help From Heaven was what caused people to start paying attention to this new artist, whose simple English songs managed to touch the hearts of all who listened. His second album, Son Of Israel, contained more of his now signature sound, powerful, clear vocals with just a keyboard accompanying him, emphasising each and every word, all of which Gedalya himself wrote.

Despite Son Of Israel having been released just a few months ago, Gedalya did not rest and is close to the release of a new EP, containing 6 songs, all of which focus on faith. Called Man Of Faith, all of Gedalya’s thoughts and emotions come through clearly in this short album.

To give a taste of the new EP, Come Back To Faith is now being released as a free single. This song encompasses the whole theme of the album, talking about exactly what that implies.

So all that remains for you to do is to close your eyes and connect to Gedalya’s soulful music.

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Gedalya Sloshay, a rising singer in the industry, just released his second album through MRM Music, called Son Of Israel. The album features 18 tracks, some new and some already released as singles. Below the sampler is a piece he wrote about his personal creative journey.

Gedalya Sloshay releases Free Single off his New Debut Album

The Israeli scene is filled with excellent frum lyricists (Udi Davidi, Noam Michael), but in America there has been a lack of frum English music for the mature ear, at least since the days of Journeys and Destiny. Fortunately, acclaimed Jewish lyricist Gedalya Sloshay just released his debut album "With Help From Heaven" specifically geared to the mature intellectual listener. The laid-back piano-centric arrangements guide the listeners ear to focus on the meaningful lyrics on such songs like "Follow Me To Heaven", which was inspired by the Heaven's Gate cult's mass suicide, and "The Thunder" which focuses on thunder's power to inspire repentance.
With Help from Heaven is available on CD Baby ( and lekavod Pesach, Gedalya is releasing a free download off the album "Make Me A Sage"on Mostly Music (
Watch Knock On The Door, off the album, below: