The Promised Land






My soul was there with Adam when the first rain fed the ground
When Cain murdered Able I’ll forever hear the sound
I built the arc with Noah I’m a witness to the flood
Traveled with Abraham leaving footprints in the mud

My spirit dwelled in Egypt in the body of a slave
I stood by the mountain it was there my soul was saved
I wandered in the desert my life in heavens hands
Then stood among my brothers once inside the promised land

I helped the build the temples and saw them both come down
I cherished my religion when the Romans took the crown
I said my prayer in silence and got through the first crusade
Cast out of France and England to be put to death in Spain

My soul returned to settle but the riots soon began
Sailed away from Russia to a beach of golden sand
While everyone was building I was kicking every stone
I’ve been to every nation I’m aching for my home in the promised land

My mind it knows the lessons of my people throughout time
My spirit carries wisdom from my teachers down the line
Been through all kinds of weather in this weary caravan
Please take me home forever to the promised land

Copyright 1995 Gedalya