If I Were Superman





If I were President, they'd put my face on a four-dollar bill
If I were King, my reign would rouse a thrill
If I were a Builder, I’d build forever If I were a Painter, I’d paint the day
If I were a Millionaire, I’d buy whatever caught my eye
And, if I were Superman...I’d fly.

If I were a Cowboy, I’d shoot the fastest gun
If I were a Runner, I’d make the longest run
If I were a Lion, I’d rule the jungle If I were a river, I’d flow in peace
If I were a Spaceman, I’d go to every star in the sky
And, if I were Superman...I’d fly.

But I’m just a kid from Brooklyn trying to keep my dreams alive
I don’t have a lot of money, but I always seem to get by
Maybe someday my luck will change; maybe I’ll make a plan
But, till that happens you’ve gotta understand...

If I were a General, I’d bring peace to every war
If I were Music, I’d play on every shore
If I were a Hero, I’d save the day if I were a poet I'd touch your soul
If I were a detective I’d solve the toughest crimes
And, if I were Superman...oh my If I were Superman...I’d fly.

Copyright 1991 Gedalya