Man of Faith

by Gedalya

Released 2018
Released 2018
A lyrical musical journey with a timely and inspiring message for all mankind.
Starting with The Thunder, Gedalya has gradually been sharing more and more of his unique compositions with the world. His debut album With Help From Heaven was what caused people to start paying attention to this new artist, whose simple English songs managed to touch the hearts of all who listened. His second album, Son Of Israel, contained more of his now signature sound, powerful, clear vocals with just a keyboard accompanying him, emphasizing each and every word, all of which Gedalya himself wrote. Despite Son Of Israel having been released just a few months ago, Gedalya did not rest and is close to the release of a new EP, containing 6 songs, all of which focus on faith. Called Man Of Faith, all Gedalya’s thoughts and emotions come through clearly in this short album. All that remains for you to do is to close your eyes and connect to Gedalya’s soulful music.