A Moment of Life

by Gedalya

Released 2017
Released 2017
My songs both lyrically and musically are an honest expression of who I am and what I think and feel as I live and learn.
I am not afraid of change, or to change who I am if I see there's a better way to live. My music reflects this as I write and re-write until I feel that I have said what I needed to say. After I finish a lyric, I'm still not afraid to change the wording as long as the message remains. My songs are real and sincere I delve into my being and write about what I find. With the song A Moment of Truth I have begun to add layers to my sound. My first album With Help from Heaven was a collection of piano/vocal tracks, while with A Moment of Truth I have begun to take more time with the singles and develop the songs a bit. I strive to bring a deeper awareness of many hidden aspects of life through my music and to take my listeners on an inner and soulful journey of self awareness...stay tuned for more.